Forty Years Ago, I came to America

Recently I attended a Chinese dinner banquet. One by one, the attendees stood up and introduced themselves. Since we were all Chinese immigrants, one point we emphasized was how many years we had lived in the United States. When it was my turned, I stood up. Then, I realized I had lived in the United […]

Taking Time to Enjoy Life

After a week of winter storm with heavy rain at times here in Southern California, I was glad to work in my garden on Saturday. I am glad to see my plants, flowers, and fruit trees are doing well. Moreover, I am also happy to see the region getting much needed rain. The moment I […]

Do good and be good! The Shea Center Leadership for Philanthropy Event.

This will be the seventh year I am involved with The Shea Center‘s Leadership for Philanthropy event. During my involvement as a volunteer on behalf of UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business, I have met outstanding community leaders who are also major philanthropist, including Henry Samueli and Jim Doti. I support the Shea Center […]

2019 has started out fast and furious!

2019 has gotten off to a busy start for me. On New Year’s Day, I was invited to the house of famed traditional Chinese art historian and painter Jixiong Lao (勞繼雄) for a discussion and dinner. I had an interesting time during the discussion and a delightful time during dinner. I was not crazy about […]

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019! May everyone have a successful, happy, and prosperous new year!