About Us

Who we are

CSC Digital Graphics is a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about computer graphics technology. As part of a global team, we are an organization with worldwide reach and localized service. Having nearly two decades of experience in multimedia presentation, we strive to create the most technologically advanced and cutting-edge creative digital artworks for our clients. Located in Irvine, California, we serve both our local communities here in Orange County, California and global clients.

Why we provide the best service

At CSC Digital Graphics, our success is built upon superior client service, excellent product quality, on-time delivery, and cost effective pricing. Working in partnership with our clients, we will provide our expertise on how to present projects in the most effective manner. Moreover, our team of project management professionals will coordinate and manage projects from conception to delivery. We take pride in making our clients’ job as easy as possible during project lifecycle. Therefore, CSC Digital Graphics is the right choice for all your multimedia marketing needs.

How we operate

CSC Digital Graphics LLC works in partnership with Crystal Digital Technology, a global multimedia giant headquartered in Beijing, China. As an industry leader, Crystal Digital Technology was awarded exclusive rights to for all multimedia works for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Their works include numerous television and film features. To learn more about Crystal Digital Technology please visit www.crystalcg.com.