Community service project for senior citizens at Lakeview Senior Center

On Wednesday October 26th, Steve Huang, Regional Director of CSC Digital Graphics with the help of Richard Downes, President of Style Bath Enclosures, conducted a seminar on Social Media for Beginners at City of Irvine’s Lakeview Senior Center. As an Irvine based business, CSC Digital Graphics wanted to contribute to the well being of our neighbors and community. We were informed that there was a need for senior citizens to improve their knowledge on how to use social media, and we gladly volunteered.

There were twenty-five participants in the seminar, and they were engaging and excited during the seminar. They asked numerous questions ranging from how to get an account (just need an email to sign up) to privacy concerns (there are ways to minimize exposure). Another word, their concerns and questions were similar to the larger society would have.

The goal of the seminar was to remove some of the fear of the unknown away from senior seniors and make them connected in the cyber realm. Furthermore, I want them to enjoy using social media to communicate and connect with other people. Social media has become a powerful communications tool for our society. No one should be left behind.

We want to thank Mr. Richard Downes for taking his time to assist us during the seminar.

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