Forty Years Ago, I came to America

Recently I attended a Chinese dinner banquet. One by one, the attendees stood up and introduced themselves. Since we were all Chinese immigrants, one point we emphasized was how many years we had lived in the United States. When it was my turned, I stood up. Then, I realized I had lived in the United States for forty years.

I arrived in the United States on February of 1979. I landed at Los Angeles International Airport in a giant inflatable tent like structure. LAX was a terrible airport back then, and it is still a terrible airport today. When I walked out of the terminal building, I was immediately impressed by the broad cloudless blue sky above my head. My birth city, Taipei, was surrounded by mountains, and the semitropical weather with frequent clouds obscuring the view, like barriers. The broad sky I saw when I first arrived in the United States, seemed limitless, like the promise of the American dream, the limitless opportunities.

I have had many ups and downs in my life. Nevertheless, I am still a strong believer in the limitless opportunities this country provides. Moreover, I have no doubt that the United States is the greatest country in the world. Everyone, no matter where the person originated from, can come here and become an American. That is the greatness of the United States of America!

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