CSC Digital Graphics and Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce

In March of 2010, CSC Digital Graphics decides to join Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce (OCCACC). This is an effort to broaden our business and networking community to the entire Orange County area. Because CSC Digital Graphics is part of a global team headquartered in Beijing, China, we feel OCCACC is a great […]

Who is computer graphics (CG) technology for?

The industry leaders in CG have done a poor job in education people about our trade since this is one question we are frequently asked. The fact is, CG technology has become prevalent in many areas and norm for many industries. The movie Avatar by James Cameron has demonstrated that CG technology can be integrated […]

Websites, when to update?

Web presence has become an absolute necessity for any business, and it should be part of the overall presentation of an organization’s image. Since website is possibly the first impression made, having an up to date website will make a strong first impression. Older out of date items should be archived or removed, and this […]