Taking Time to Enjoy Life

After a week of winter storm with heavy rain at times here in Southern California, I was glad to work in my garden on Saturday. I am glad to see my plants, flowers, and fruit trees are doing well. Moreover, I am also happy to see the region getting much needed rain.

The moment I step into my garden, I felt liberated, and I loved the gentle touch of the winter sun. Life is full of uncertainties, and best laid plans often go unfulfilled. I want to take every moment possible to enjoy life by doing something I enjoy. In my case, I love to work in my garden.

My loquat tree is fruiting.

My succulents survive the rain as well.

Flowers are full of colors in my garden.

My lemon tree is doing well too.

Guavas are ripe.

Euryop daisies are full of brilliant golden color. (Picture at top)

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