Using Computer Technology for Marketing in the Design Field

This article was written by Steve Huang, Regional Director of CSC Digital Graphics, and published by ASID California Orange County Chapter in their Fall 2011 ASID Design Orange County journal.

Computer technology has made it easier for businesses to create dynamic presentation material and to reach potential clients previously unreachable through traditional marketing techniques. The building design industry has embraced computer generated graphics (CGI) technology passionately to transform design concepts into visible images, allowing design review possible at an early stage of the process.

Technology also gives designers the ability to showcase their talent around world reaching potential clients everywhere. Website, the gateway to the World Wide Web, is a critical marketing tool and a requirement for any business. To make an awesome first impression, a website needs to be up-to-date in content and design. Most “unattractive” websites are usually caused by outdated design. As a result, it is critical to keep the design fresh and dynamic.

To reach an even wider audience online, social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, can add to designers’ web presence. Through social media, designers can network with other online community members (at the last count, Facebook has over seven hundred million users). Communicating with potential clients and getting the message out have never been easier. The key to social media success is to maintain a persistent presence through regular updates, and this means dedicating time to social networking online. Being one of seven hundred million users on Facebook won’t get anyone noticed, unless one makes a lot of noise. Therefore, log on, make noise, and get noticed!

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